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What is TeraScript - The Server

TeraScript Server is the deployment component of the TeraScript product suite and works in conjunction with a web server to allow for the dynamic creation of HTML pages based on information sourced from user input, databases, external actions or objects.

When a request is made to the web server for a TeraScript application, it is passed through to the TeraScript Server for processing. The TeraScript Server therefore works as broker between the logic which determines the HTML to be displayed by the application to the end user and the various chosen sources of data.

TeraScript Server Diagram


TeraScript has a rich script language of nearly 200 tags that is also extensible by the user who can create their own meta tags (see custom tags). The meta language of TeraScript provides functions for working with objects, binding parameters, manipulating document instances (XML/DOM), automatically creating drop-down lists and radio button groups in TeraScript Server, returning TeraScript Server status, and much more. They can perform many different functions in an application file ranging from controlling the flow of information to performing email connectivity or complex mathematical calculations.

Custom Tags

Custom Tags allow developers to extend TeraScript's built-in meta tags by referencing logic defined in supported object types such as TeraScript Class Files, COM objects or Javabeans. TeraScript's extensibility provides a flexible development environment for the creation of Web applications.


TeraScript supports the use of variables with the following scopes: request, user (session), domain, and application as well as custom variable scopes. It also supports arrays, variables that contain XML data structures (document instance variables), and variables that contain objects. TeraScript's meta language provides a full range of functionality for the developer to manipulate these variables within their TeraScript applications.

Native XML Datatype

Native XML Datatype allow XML/DOM to be used by TeraScript for manipulation of structured data. This provides application developers with a standard mechanism for complete, accurate business-to-business communication technologies such as XML-RPC or SOAP.

Database Connectivity

Support for the native Oracle Call Interface (OCI), JDBC and ODBC is available on all platforms.

Mail Integration

Witango supports POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP international character sets in message text, MIME encoding, file attachments, and custom headers.


TeraScript Server is available for Windows Server 2008 and 2012, Mac OS X and several distributions of Linux.


TeraScript Server provides scalability through its architecture and implementation. All platforms supported by TeraScript Server utilize the operating system capabilities for process multi-threading to take advantage of the scaling effects of multiple CPUs. Multiple TeraScript Server processes can be deployed per machine, or components thereof, and TeraScript Servers can be deployed on different machines. These machines do not have to be identical in configuration or operating system. TeraScript Servers use a load splitting architecture to handle load and to ensure maximum up time.